Rascals Little Storm

Stormy has been with us since she was 2. She turned a couple of barrels but she also never was much for standing still. Her bloodlines go back to Yellow Jacket in a number of ways. She also has JuLeo Sugar Bars- Frog W - producing Otoe .. those also produced Flit. Lots of old time greats. Storm has produced multiple 1D horses including a son that placed 4th at AQHA world and 12th at Fort Smith. This bloodline is not for the faint to heart!

Stormy is five panel N/N.


Little Kit of Coosa

1 to 2D barrel horse Michigan circuit

A Silent Challenge

Little BB Bullion

1 to 2 D barrel horse OK/TX

Walter Harmon Reed

Killer Frost

12th at Fort Smith - 4th AQHA world

Killer at World Show

I could watch that video a million times!


Bug in MyYellowJacket (not for sale)

This Streakers on Fire (not for sale)

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